last few day... i put the Don McClind 's CD in my CD player
and i notice this song....these words maybe not very correct
caused i just hear....and write it down !so if somebody find some mistake in it
please correct for me and i will thank u a lot !

AND I LOVE U SOand i love u so
the people ask me how
how i live to till now

i tell them i don't know !i guess they understand
i guess they understand
how lonely life has been
but life begin again
the day u took my handand yes i know
how lonely life can be
the showders follow me
and the night won't set me free

but i don't let the evening get me down
now thatuarearound meand u love me,too
ur thoughts are just for me
u set my sprirt free
i'm happy that u do the book of life is brief
once page is read
all the love is dean
this is my belive i think that lots of people will feel this
i think that lots of people will feel this

is a sutiable describtion of some aspect of our live
there r not any one that
life is full of people all around we all have to face ourself and get along with

and sometimes we just feel
so much of things have to do
however , life is still empty

hope some day that somebody will find me/or to find somebody
somebody will care u
listen to u
and share his feelin' to u
and hear ur voice
from deepest of ur heartsurely that the life will different!

Fri Mar 29 14:32:09 1996


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